Takafumi Oyama


Experience Engineer / 仙台出身

大学院にてHCIを学んだ後、テクニカルディレクター/プログラマとして、主に広告の分野において、インタラクティブコンテンツや、XR、IoT等の企画開発に携わってきました。現在はEnhance Experience Inc. に参画し、音解析や画像処理の技術を使った表現について研究開発を進めています。

After studying Human Computer Interaction at graduate school, I have been involved in planning and developing interactive content, XR, and IoT products mainly in the field of advertising as a technical director/programmer. Currently, I am a member of Enhance Experience Inc. and am working on the research and development of artworks using sound analysis and image processing technologies.

As for my activities, I would like to continue to create experiences and works of art, collaborating with various experts and artists, without being too attached to new or old fields or techniques.

I like cats and music.



  • C# / Unity, WPF
  • TouchDesigner
  • Swift / iOS.
  • DAW [Studio One, Bitwig Studio]
  • Other DCC tools [Davinci Resolve, Houdini, Blender]